Winter 2004


The Scandal of Hope
Randi Rashkover


Unspeakable Utopia: 
Art and the Return to the Theological in Adorno and Horkheimer
John Hughes

The Coming Only Is Sacred: 
Self-Creation and Solidarity in Richard Rorty’s Secular Eschatology

Scott Holland

In the End, Shall Christians Become Jews and Jews, Christians?:
On Franz Rosenzweig’s Apocalyptic Eschatology
Gregory Kaplan

Teaching Our Children Well:
Pedagogy, Religion, and the Future of Philosophy

Claire Elise Katz

Watch Your Back:
Ruminations on the Biblical Poetics of Hope
Paul Keim

On the Significance of the Messianic Idea in Rosenzweig
Dana Hollander 

From Dogma to Aesthetica:
Evangelical Eschatology Gets a Makeover

Joanne M. Swenson

The Post-Secular:
A Jewish Perspective

James S. Diamond


Prayer for a Son’s Life 
Gayle Boss 

Eclipse and Epilogue and Chaos Studies 
J. Barrie Shepherd

Orpheus Builds the Fire and Orpheus Sweating
K.V. Wilt

A Hymn Sung Off-Key
Shari O’Brien


Bible-Carrying Christians: Conservative Protestants in Power 
by David Harrington Watt

Lost in America: A Journey With My Father
 by Sherwin Nuland

The Ultimacy of Death 
Peter Heinegg, ed.

Notes on Contributors

On the Cover: Remedios Varo (1908 Spain—1963 Mexico): 
Spiral Transit 1962. Oil/masonite. Used by permission.

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Source: Cross Currents, Winter 2004, Vol. 53,  No 4.