Summer 2003


Instead of War
Timothy A. McElwee

What is Theology?
Douglas John Hall

In Search of a Non-Dogmatic Theology
Jeffrey W. Robbins

DNA and Neshamah
Robert Pollack 

Tongue in Check: Paralleling the Taliban with the Amish
Crystal Downing

On Nurturing a Modern Muslim Identity
Eboo Patel 

Faithful and Pluralistic
Dorothy Yoder Nyce 

Alchemists at Work
Katharine Rhodes Henderson


Special Feature:
Six Critics Review Walter Wink's "The Human Being: Jesus and the Enigma of the Son of Man" 

A Summary and Appreciation
J. Harold Ellens

A Historianís Response
Gabriele Boccaccini

A Meaningful Alternative
Delbert R. Burkett

Myth of the Suppressing Church
Jack Miles

Walter Wink's Response

The Second Shoe
Wayne G. Rollins

Review and Appreciation
Alan F. Segal

Walter Wink's Response

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Source: Cross Currents, Summer 2003, Vol. 53,  No 2.