Vol. 51, No. 2

Summer 2001

Editorial: The Image on Impact
Catherine Madsen and Scott Holland


Violence in Christian Theology 
J. Denny Weaver

The Violence of God: Dialogic Fragments
Julie Shoshana Pfau and David R. Blumenthal

Jephthah's Daughter 
Alicia Ostriker

Blood & Stone: Violence in the Bible & the Eye of the Illustrator 
Barry Moser

Notes on God's Violence 
Catherine Madsen

Devoured by God: Cannibalism, Mysticism, and Ethics in Simone Weil 
Alec Irwin

The Precarious Ties That Bind Us: Sotah 2a 
Ira F. Stone

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Source: Cross Currents, Summer 2001, Vol. 51,  No 2.