For several years Cross Currents has been covering the conversation taking place within various religious communities as people rethink their relationships with the environment.  A whole new movement has emerged, connecting ecology with theology: ecotheology. Our Summer 1994 issue featured a series of articles tracing this conversation within Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist traditions. Meanwhile, outside the bounds of organized religion, people are reawakening to nature as a sacred sphere; a rediscovery of Native American spirituality, the Gaia Hypothesis, and the Ecological Spirituality of  Matthew Fox and Wendell Berry, all are part of this phenomenon.  Here, for the first time, we combine six articles from that issue with six more that we've published in recent years to offer an overview of an emergent movement.

(From the Summer 1994 issue)

Trees, Forestry, and the Responsiveness of Creation
Brian J. Walsh, Marianne B. Karsh, and Nik Ansell

The Greening of Buddhist Practice
Kenneth Kraft

The Gaia Hypothesis: Implications For a Christian Political Theology of the Environment
Stephen B. Scharper

Islam and Ecology
Marjorie Hope and James Young

Ethics and Trauma: Levinas, Feminism, and Deep Ecology
Roger S. Gottlieb

Earth Vigil: Darwin, Death and Hope
John C. Raines

(From other issues.)

Christianity and The Survival of Creation
Wendell Berry

Eucharistic Ecology and Ecological Spirituality
Beatrice Bruteau

Whose Earth Is It Anyway?
James H. Cone

Mountains Made Alive: Native American Relationships With Sacred Land
Emily Cousins

On The Wings of a Blue Heron
Paul O. Ingram

Re-conceiving God and Humanity in Light of
Today's Ecological Consciousness: A Brief Statement

Gordon D. Kaufman

Global Requiem: The Apocalyptic Moment in Religion, Science, and Art
Jack Miles

The Ecotheology of Annie Dillard: A Study in Ambivalence
Pamela A. Smith

Green Lap, Brown Embrace, Blue Body: The Ecospirituality of Alice Walker
Pamela A. Smith

The Green Face of God: Christianity in an Age of Ecocide
Mark I. Wallace

And the Earth Is Filled with the Breath of Life
Arthur Waskow

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