Fall 2003


What James Knew
Catherine Madsen


The Pragmatics of Spirit: A Centenary Celebration of James's Varieties
Oz Lorentzen  

The "Twice-Born"
Charles Taylor  

The Varieties as an Inspiration: Confessions of a Slow Learner
Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi  

Implicit Theologies in Psychologies
Douglas S. Hardy  

A Terrible Good: Charles Williams, William James, and Divided Consciousness
Catherine Madsen  

"Failure, then, failure!": Shame and William James's "Sick Soul"
Jill L. McNish  

How Healthy Is Healthy-Mindedness?
James O. Pawelski

Ritual and Religious Experience
Jo Pearson

Definitions and Hypotheses
Christopher Stawski

Jewish Renewal in Pre-Nazi Berlin
Edward K. Kaplan


Gomer's Complaint
Kris Lindbeck

Anthony Pinn

The Leaf and Kauai
Peter Ledermann


Night Fishing in Galilee: The Journey Toward Spiritual Wisdom By Kenneth Arnold
At Home in the Cosmos By David S. Toolan
The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness By Joel ben Izzy


Job: The Hip-Hop Musical By Eli Batalion and Jerome Saibil
Lisa Silberman Brenner


"Religion in this way is absolutely indestructible"
William James

Notes on Contributors

On the Cover: Sarah E. Thomson's "How the Light Gets In" (2000), 9 x 12 watercolor. From the collection of Haim and Yaffa Gunner. Used by permission.

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Source: Cross Currents, Fall 2003, Vol. 53,  No 3.