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Islam and the Cultural Imperative 
Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

How Zen Found Me
Janet Abels

Toward a Theological Understanding of Postmodernism
Daniel J. Adams

Religion and Beauty in the Classroom
Nicholas Adams

Fantasy and Myth In The Death of Jesus
George Aichele

The Risks of Repeating Ourselves:
Reading Feminist/Womanist Figures of Jesus

Karen Trimble Alliaume

Filmmaking As Spiritual Practice and Ministry
Macky Alston

Eugenic Danger or Genetic Promise: A Revolution for the Millennium
David A. Ames

Editorial: The Path of Emptiness
Kenneth Arnold

The Cloud as Symbol: Dialogue or Destruction
Jacqueline Taylor Basker

Can A War Against Terror Be Just? 
Daniel M. Bell, Jr.

The Academy and Hospitality
John B. Bennett

Companion to the Encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI on "God is Love"
Fr. Tissa Balasuriya

"Alma De'atei," The-World-That-Is-Coming: Reflections on Power, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Progress
Jeremy Benstein

Christianity and The Survival of Creation
Wendell Berry

Feminism, the Body, and the Machine
Wendell Berry

Faith Communities In the Academic World
By Myron B. Bloy, Jr.

Liturgies of Anger
David R. Blumenthal

Repentance And Forgiveness
David R. Blumenthal

The Violence of God: Dialogic Fragments
Julie Shoshana Pfau and David R. Blumenthal

Peace Culture: The Problem of Managing Human Difference
Elise Boulding

The Cross: Should a Symbol Betrayed Be Reclaimed?
Mary C. Boys

“I Didn’t See Any Anti-Semitism”: Why Many Christians
Don’t Have a Problem with
The Passion of the Christ

Mary C. Boys

From the Margins to the Centers of Power
Patrice Brodeur

Struggling for the Soul of One's Country:
American Pathologies and the Response of Faith

Preston M. Browning, Jr.

Eucharistic Ecology and Ecological Spirituality
Beatrice Bruteau

Religion and the University 
David Burrell

On Evangelicals and Interfaith Cooperation
Tony Campolo with Shane Claiborne

Interpreting Václav Havel
Walter H. Capps

Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) 
John D. Caputo

Brains, Bodies, Beliefs, and Behavior
William J. Carl III

Spiritual Refugee
Junko Chodos

Whose Earth Is It Anyway?
James H. Cone

That Every Child Who Wants Might Learn to Dance
Paula M. Cooey

Faith and Fiction-Making: The Catholic Context
Ann Copeland

The Impact of the American Dream on Evangelical Ethics 
Wyndy Corbin

Mother of All the Living:
Reinterpretations of Eve in Contemporary Literature 

M. Doretta Cornell

Mountains Made Alive: Native American Relationships With Sacred Land
Emily Cousins

Spirituality for Passionate and Rapidly Changing Times
Carolyn M. Craft

Post-Modernism and Its Secrets
Clayton Crockett

The Dialogue Has Barely Begun
Joseph Cunneen

Sister Helen, Brother Michel: The Discipline of Love
by Ann Dalke

Religion, Politics, and the State: Cross-Cultural Observations
 N. J. Demerath III and Karen S. Straight

The Post-Secular:
A Jewish Perspective

James S. Diamond

Jacques Maritain on the Church's Misbehaving Clerics
Bernard Doering

American Liberal Theology:
Crisis, Irony, Decline, Renewal, Ambiguity

Gary Dorrien

In Memory of Denise Levertov, 1923-1997
From In Praise of Krishna

Denise Levertov and Edward C. Dimock, Jr.

The Sefirot: Kabbalistic Archetypes of Mind and Creation
 Sanford L. Drob

Who's Blessing Whom?: Transcendence, Agency, and Gender in Jewish Prayer
Lois C. Dubin

Spiritual Life and the Survival of Christianity
Louis Dupré

When the Other Appears on the Scene
Umberto Eco

Is Paul the Father of Misogyny and Antisemitism?
Pamela Eisenbaum

At the End of an Era
Marc H. Ellis 111

Converting to Religion after Its Demise:
Thoughts on Marcel Gauchet and His American Reception

Steven Englund

To Whom Shall We Give Access to Our Water Holes?
Farid Esack

Fundamentalism: A Theory 
Edward Farley

On the Rhetoric of a "War on Terrorism"
Kyle Fedler

Black Rain: Reflections on Hiroshima and Nuclear War in Japanese Film
Robert Feleppa

Spirituality in a World of "Fields within Fields within Fields..."
Eugene Fontinell

The Good Samaritan As Bad Economist
Donald E. Frey

Religions, Hard and Soft
Johan Galtung

Architecture as Eternal Delight
Jean Gardner

How Will It All End?  Eschatology in Science and Religion
Neil Gillman

Economic Sanctions, Just War Doctrine, and the "Fearful Spectacle of the Civilian Dead"
Joy Gordon

A Matter of Time: The Jew, Christian, and Muslim in Conversation 
Paul Golomb

Queering Church, Churching Queers
Robin Hawley Gorsline

Ethics and Trauma: Levinas, Feminism, and Deep Ecology
Roger S. Gottlieb

Tolkien: Archetype and Word
Patrick Grant

Listening with the Ear of the Heart
Frank T. Griswold

Religious Diversity: Some Implications for Monotheism
Rita M. Gross

Feminism: What Went Wrong?
Rita M. Gross

The Hammer and the Free Spirit: Toward a Practical Heresy
Jeff Gundy

Martin Luther King and the Future of America
Vincent Harding and Claire Gaudiani

What's New(s) About The Dead Sea Scrolls?
Daniel J. Harrington

Pagan Involvement in the Interfaith Movement
  Grove Harris

Divine Action: An Interview with John Polkinghorne
Lyndon F. Harris

What Does It Mean To Be Muslim Today?
Riffat Hassan

Democratic Time: Lessons Learned from Yoder and Wolin 
Stanley Hauerwas

A Sense of the Transcendent
Vaclav Havel

Alchemists at Work
Katharine Rhodes Henderson

Class, Political Conservatism, and Jesus 
Obery M. Hendricks, Jr.

Stanley Hauerwas: An Interview
Michael J. Quirk

In Search of God at Columbia University
Charles P. Henderson, Jr.

The Internet as a Metaphor for God?
Charles P. Henderson, Jr.

The Future of ARIL in the Information Age
Charles P. Henderson, Jr.

A Legacy of Inclusion: An Interview with Rosemary Radford Ruether
Rosalind Hinton

Contextualizing Rosemary
Rosalind Hinton

On Being a Jew at Christmas
Lawrence A. Hoffman

Global Warming and Religious Stick Fighting
Michael S. Hogue

This Side of God: A Conversation with David Tracy
Scott Holland

So Many Good Voices in My Head
Scott Holland

First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin: Bonhoeffer's New York
Scott Holland

The Coming Only Is Sacred: 
Self-Creation and Solidarity in Richard Rorty’s Secular Eschatology

Scott Holland

Islam and Ecology
Marjorie Hope and James Young

The Challenge of Fundamentalism for Interreligious Dialogue
Peter A. Huff

What Is Religion?
Thomas A. Idinopulos

Playing God: Divine Activity, Human Activity, and Christian Ethics
Joseph M. Incandela

On The Wings of a Blue Heron
Paul O. Ingram

"Fruit Salad Can Be Delicious": The Practice of Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
Paul O. Ingram

Teaching Our Children Well:
Pedagogy, Religion, and the Future of Philosophy

Claire Elise Katz

Re-conceiving God and Humanity in Light of
Today's Ecological Consciousness: A Brief Statement

Gordon D. Kaufman

What Does It Mean to Receive Tradition?:
Jewish Studies in Higher Education

Martin Kavka

Thomas Merton's Contemplative Struggle:
Bridging the Abyss to Find Freedom

George A. Kilcourse, Jr.

Abraham Joshua Heschel: Our Generation's Teacher
By Reuven Kimelman

Eve, Malignant or Maligned?
Mary Phil Korsak

The Greening of Buddhist Practice
Kenneth Kraft

(Re)Examining the Citicorp Case
Eugene Kremer

Heroic Heretical Heterosexuality
Jeffrey J. Kripal

Virtual Reality
by Lawrence Kushner

Meeting Her Maker:
Emily Dickinson's God

Jay Ladin

Does Faith Have a Future?
Paul Lakeland

Preserving The Lifeworld, Restoring the Public Sphere, Renewing Higher Education
By Paul Lakeland

Martin Buber and Jewish-Arab Peace
Dan Leon

God and Social Change
Julius Lester

The Jewish Understanding of Scripture
Emmanuel Levinas 

The Great Work Begins:
Theater as Theurgy in "Angels in America"

Anthony Lioi

The Pragmatics of Spirit: A Centenary Celebration of James's Varieties
Oz Lorentzen  

Instead of War
Timothy A. McElwee

The Common Word: Recovering Liturgical Speech
Catherine Madsen

Intellectual Light
Catherine Madsen 

Love Songs to the Dead: The Liturgical Voice as Mentor and Reminder
Catherine Madsen

In the Dark Speech of Praise and Birth:
The Prints of Judith Anderson

Catherine Madsen

Notes on God's Violence
Catherine Madsen

The Thin Thread of Conversation: An Interview with Mary Daly
Catherine Madsen

A Durable Fire
Catherine Madsen

Monastic Liberation as Counter-Cultural Critique in the Life and Thought of Thomas Merton
Shaul Magid

A Monk, A Rabbi, and the 'Meaning of This Hour':
War and Nonviolence in Abraham Joshua Heschel and Thomas Merton

Shaul Magid

Sex and the Sacred
Daniel C. Maguire

When I Boarded the Midwest Express to Washington, D.C., on September 11
Daniel C. Maguire

Revising Night:
Elie Wiesel and the Hazards of Holocaust Theology 

Peter Manseau

Naipaul's Travelogues and
the "Clash of Civilizations" Complex

Amin Malak

Religious Strangers as Menaces
Martin E. Marty

Constructing Ethics and the Ethics of Construction
John Matteson

"Genuine Pluralism" and Reformed Christology 
Sarah J. Melcher

Theology and the Clash of Civilizations
Jack Miles

Three Differences between an Academic and an Intellectual: What Happens to the Liberal Arts When They Are Kicked off Campus?
Jack Miles

Global Requiem: The Apocalyptic Moment in Religion, Science, and Art
Jack Miles

Myth of the Suppressing Church
Jack Miles

Hospitable Vision: Some Notes on the Ethics of Seeing Film
Margaret R. Miles and S. Brent Plate

No Longer Nailed to the Floor
Stephanie Y. Mitchem

If Only This Could Be Said
Czeslaw Milosz

Asian Social Engagement and the Future of Buddhism
Donald W. Mitchell

The Passion of Cinema
Carey Monserrate

Hiroshima, Mon Amour: A New Film Coincides with the Rebirth of the Nuclear Age
Carey Monserrate 

Uncomfortable, Uncertain, and Unarmed
Barry Moser

Blood & Stone: Violence in the Bible & the Eye of the Illustrator 
Barry Moser

9/11 and God's Sport 
Bill Moyers

Tuning Hebrew Psalms to Reggae Rhythms: Rastas' Revolutionary Lamentations for Social Change
Nathaniel Samuel Murrell

Theology and Science without Dualism
Elizabeth  Newman

Prayer Against the Darkness
Leonard Nimoy

Does the Papacy Have a Future?
Jean Francois Nothomb

Returning To Scripture: Trends in Postcritical Interpretation
Peter Ochs

Christianity in Jewish Terms: A Project to Redefine the Relationship
Peter Ochs and David Sandmel

Miriam's Way
Carol Ochs

Exodus: My Spiritual Map
Carol Ochs

What Makes a Jewish Home Jewish?
Vanessa Ochs

The African Experience of God through the Eyes of an Akan Woman
Mercy Amba Oduyoye

Overcoming Religiously Motivated Violence
Imam A. Rashied Omar

Nine Ways Not to Talk about God
Raimon Panikkar

Islam and America: Poetic Connections
Eboo Patel

On Nurturing a Modern Muslim Identity
Eboo Patel 

Inclusiveness and Justice: The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Interfaith Work
Eboo Patel

How Healthy Is Healthy-Mindedness?
James O. Pawelski

Ritual and Religious Experience
Jo Pearson

Black Theology, Black Bodies, and Pedagogy
Anthony B. Pinn

Hospitable Vision: Some Notes on the Ethics of Seeing Film
Margaret R. Miles and S. Brent Plate

In Each Other's Likeness:
Twin Brothers Separated by Faith After the Holocaust

Eugene L. Pogany

Stem Cells, Therapeutic Cloning, and the Soul
Robert Pollack

“Intelligent Design,” Natural Design, and the Problem of Meaning in the Natural World
Robert Pollack

DNA and Neshamah
Robert Pollack 

A Place for Religion in Science?

Robert Pollack

The Price of Science Without Moral Constraints 
Robert E. Pollack

All Nations Before God's Throne: Evangelicals in the Interfaith World
Nicholas M. Price

On Transforming Our World:
Critical Pedagogy for Interfaith Education

Tiffany Puett

Toward a Buddhist Social Ethics: The Case of Thailand
Tavivat Puntarigvivat

Stanley Hauerwas: An Interview
Michael J. Quirk

After the Fall
Molly Rachamim

Earth Vigil: Darwin, Death and Hope
John C. Raines

The Politics of Religious Correctness: Islam and the West
John C. Raines

College and Social Class: The Broken Promise of America
John Raines with Charles Brian McAdams

A Call for Jewish Theology
Randi Rashkover

On the Loneliness of Faith
Randi Rashkover

Judaism's Twentieth-Century Conversations
Randi Rashkover

Cultivating Theology:
Overcoming America’s Skepticism about Religious Rationality

Randi Rashkover

Endangered Reading: The African-American Scholar Between Text and People
Stephen Breck Reid

The Mishkan as Metaphor—Form and Anti-Form
Bonnie Roche

Reclaiming Women's Experience:
A Reading of Selected Christian Feminist Theologies

Marian Ronan

A Legacy of Inclusion: An Interview with Rosemary Radford Ruether
Roslind Hinton

The Bible as a Site for Struggle:
Rethinking Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

Marie Sabin

Women Transformed: The Ending of Mark Is The Beginning of Wisdom
Marie Sabin

The Gaia Hypothesis: Implications For a Christian Political Theology of the Environment
Stephen B. Scharper

Christianity in the Marketplace
Leigh Eric Schmidt

Academic Vocation: "Specialists Without Spirit, Sensualists Without Heart"? 
By Mark R. Schwehn

American Muslims and a Meaningful Human Rights Discourse
Imam Zaid Shakir

Salvation from Innocence: On the Requirements of Liturgical Truth
Andrew Shanks

The Ecotheology of Annie Dillard: A Study in Ambivalence
Pamela A. Smith

Green Lap, Brown Embrace, Blue Body: The Ecospirituality of Alice Walker
Pamela A. Smith

The Ambiguity of Matter
Huston Smith

Experiencing Violence, Shaping Identity, Negotiating Life
Barbara Strassberg

Consciousness and Reality:
Our Entry Into Creation

James N. Studer

The Absurdity of ARIL
by William Stringfellow

From Dogma to Aesthetica:
Evangelical Eschatology Gets a Makeover

Joanne M. Swenson

Education of the Heart
By Thomas Taaffe

The "Twice-Born"
Charles Taylor  

Womanist Theology, Epistemology, and a New Anthropological Paradigm
Liinda E. Thomas

Praying in a Post-Einsteinian Universe
David Toolan

This Side of God: A Conversation with David Tracy
Scott Holland

Good Religion, Spirituality and African Americans
Harold Dean Trulear

Trees, Forestry, and the Responsiveness of Creation
Brian J. Walsh, Marianne B. Karsh, and Nik Ansell

The Green Face of God: Christianity in an Age of Ecocide
Mark I. Wallace

And the Earth Is Filled with the Breath of Life
Arthur Waskow

Wheat in Eden, Computers in Our Day
Arthur Waskow

On Exile: Yoder, Said, and a Theology of Land and Return
Alain Epp Weaver

Violence in Christian Theology
J. Denny Weaver

Rooted Hearts/Playful Minds:
Catholic Intellectual Life at Its Best

Mary Jo Weaver

Intimations of the Great Unlearning: Interreligious Spirituality and the Demise of Consciousness Which Is Alzheimer's
Gisela Webb

The Responsible Body: A Eucharistic Community
Matthew Whelan

Monica, Bill, and Ethics
Thad Williamson

Living the Question -- Evangelical Christianity and Critical Thought
By Robert Wuthnow

Postmodernism and the Desire for God: An E-Mail Exchange
Edith Wyschogrod and John D. Caputo