Winter, 2004-5

Carey Monserrate


"Genuine Pluralism" and Reformed Christology 
by Sarah J. Melcher

A Matter of Time: The Jew, Christian, and Muslim in Conversation 
by Paul Golomb

Towards a Levinasian Understanding of Christian Ethics:
Emmanuel Levinas and the Phenomenology of the Other

by George Drazenovich

Derrida's Gift to Eco/theo/logy: A Critical Tribute 
by Mark Manolopoulos

Desiring Bodies 
by Gerard Loughlin

Struggling for the Soul of One's Country:
American Pathologies and the Response of Faith

by Preston M. Browning, Jr.

Mother of All the Living:
Reinterpretations of Eve in Contemporary Literature
by M. Doretta Cornell

Another Christmas Statistic 
by Jens Soering


Four poems by K.V. Wilt 
Three poems by Peter Ledermann


Homosexuality and the Bible: 
Two Views 

by Dan O. Via and Robert A.J. Gagnon

Books in Brief

Philip Roth's Populist Nightmare Matthew Schweber


A Date with the Divine: 
The Art of Theresa Byrnes 

by Carey Monserrate

Notes on Contributors

On the Cover: Theresa Byrnes, Enstacy (2004) 5" x 5" enamel on aluminum. Used by permission. 

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Source: CrossCurrents, Winter 2004, Vol. 54,  No 4.