Summer 2004


An Anniversary of Ideas 
Stephanie Y. Mitchem


Toward a Cosmology of Continual Creation:
From Ecofeminism to Feminine Ecology and Umbilical Ties
Irene Diamond

Rainbow Children Over Me:
Parabolic Narratives for Sakia Gunn
Gayle R. Baldwin

Rufus Jones and Mysticism for the Masses
Matthew S. Hedstrom

Engraving Emotions:
Memory and Identity in the Quest for Emotive Scholarship 
Alberto López Pulido

In Place of the Absent God:
The Reader in Dan Pagis's "Written in Pencil in a Sealed Railway Car" 
Ranen Omer-Sherman

Service Learning as a Transgressive Pedagogy:
A Must for Today's Generation

Angela Leonard

“The Battle Has Been Joined":
Gay and Polygynous Marriages Are Out of the Closet and in Search of Legitimacy

Debra Mubashshir Majeed

Driving While Faculty:
The Religion of Innocent Domination in America 

Jon Pahl

Imperial Designs:
Theological Ethics and the Ideologies of International Politics

Gary Dorrien

The Fire Last Time 

Justus George Lawler


Sharon Charde

See and
 In the Beginning Was the Word 
donzetta jones

Three-Armed Woman
Claire Crabtree

Four Poems
Yakov Azriel

On the Cover: George Hoover's "Archetypes of Transformation for the 21st Century City" (2003). Mixed media urban design strategies for contemporary city planning. Courtesy of the architect. This proposal reinterprets archetypes of traditional city planning in postmodern, phenomenological terms for the shaping of today's pluralist city. The drawings depict twenty archetypes in four sets based upon Heidegger's Fourfold of Earth, Sky, Divinities, and Mortals.

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Source: CrossCurrents, Summer 2004, Vol. 54,  No 2.