Spring 2007


Science, Religion and the Future
Charles P. Henderson and Robert Pollack


Genesis Meets the Big Bang and Evolution, Absent Design
Laura E. Bothwell

Darwin and Democracy
Philip Kitcher

How Will It All End?  Eschatology in Science and Religion
Neil Gillman

Brains, Bodies, Beliefs, and Behavior
William J. Carl III

Teaching Science and Religion in a Jewish Seminary
Nancy Fuchs Kreimer

Speaking Across the Chasm: Literature as a Bridge Between Science and Religion
Suchismita Sen 

Self–Sacrificial Love: Evolutionary Deception or Theological Reality?
Charlene P.E. Burns  
Global Warming and Religious Stick Fighting
Michael S. Hogue

“Intelligent Design,” Natural Design, and the Problem of Meaning in the Natural World
Robert Pollack

We have been around only a very short time: An Illustration with Commentary
Amy Pollack and Robert Pollack


Sexual Liberation: The Scandal of Christendom
Raymond Lawrence, Jr.


Subject Matter
Tom Yorty

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Source: Spring 2007, Vol. 57,  No 1.