Spring 2004


The Passion of Cinema
Carey Monserrate


“I Didn’t See Any Anti-Semitism”: Why Many Christians
Don’t Have a Problem with
The Passion of the Christ

Mary C. Boys

Mel Gibson’s Alter Ego: A Male Passion for Violence
Björn Krondorfer

Hospitable Vision: Some Notes on the Ethics of Seeing Film
Margaret R. Miles and S. Brent Plate

If Only You Could See What I’ve Seen Through Your Eyes: Destabilized Spectatorship and Creation’s Chaos in Blade Runner
Jenna Tiitsman

Himala: The Temptress, the Virgin, and the Elusive Miracle
Antonio D. Sison

Tarantino’s Incarnational Theology:
Reservoir Dogs, Crucifixions, and Spectacular Violence
Kent L. Brintnall  

Filmmaking As Spiritual Practice and Ministry
Macky Alston

Trembling Playground: Two Young Directors Discuss Film, Faith, and the Challenges of Documenting Religion
Sandi Simcha DuBowski and Lucy Walker

Hiroshima, Mon Amour: A New Film Coincides with the Rebirth of the Nuclear Age
Carey Monserrate 

Black Rain: Reflections on Hiroshima and Nuclear War in Japanese Film
Robert Feleppa

Terrorism: A Problem for Ethics or Pastoral Theology?
G. Clarke Chapman, Jr.



Five Poems
Yakov Azriel

Christopher Anderson
Before You Were Seen and Since You Came
K.V. Wilt



Robert Bresson: A Spiritual Style in Film by Joseph Cunneen
  Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas by Elaine Pagels

Notes on Contributors

On the Cover: Declassified USAF footage of an atmospheric nuclear test, as seen in the recently released Original Child Bomb (Dir. Carey Schonegevel, 2004, 57 minutes), reviewed on page 96 of this issue.

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Source: Cross Currents, Spring 2004, Vol. 54,  No 1.