This special internet edition carries forward the effort made by Joseph Cunneen when he  introduced the Winter 1995 issue of Cross Current in which several of the articles reprinted here first appeared:  "These articles exemplify much of what Cross Currents and the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life are all about: a reexamination of the familiar, an openness to the new that invites criticism, a biblical centeredness that transcends the limits of the historical-critical approach, an insistence that biblical studies finds ways to communicate with, and seek nourishment from, the faith communities in our midst and the public at large. 

It will surely be no surprise that a magazine sponsored by an inter-religious group that developed out of Jewish-Christian collaboration would want to look together at the Bible again. Hopefully, our enterprise will increasingly be joined by members of other religious traditions, nourished by other Scriptures. The "return" in our title is no backward step, no pious "failure of nerve," abandoning pluralist awareness or intellectual rigor. This is no plea for biblical scholars to search Scripture for partisan formulas on vexed contemporary issues, but to heed Peter Ochs's reminder that "biblical passages often have something to say about suffering and, if it goes far enough, suffering tends to raise ultimate questions -- on behalf of both the sufferers and those who care about them. 'What am I to do?' is one such question..."  Those who hope to help us read the Bible as a living book for today, therefore, must follow Levinas's injunction "to take as the context of each verse the totality of the canon, and help verses that seem unacquainted with each other to wake each other up."


Returning to Scripture: Trends in Postcritical  Interpretation
Peter Ochs

Fantasy and Myth  in the Death of Jesus
George Aichele

Is Paul the Father of Misogyny and Antisemitism?
Pamela Eisenbaum

What's New (s) About The Dead Sea Scrolls?
Daniel J. Harrington

Eve, Malignant Or Maligned?
Mary Phil Korsak

The Jewish Understanding of Scripture
Emmanuel Levinas 

A Terrible Beauty: Moser's Bible
Catherine Madsen

The Poor Shall Never Cease Out of the Land
Illustration from Barry Moser's Bible

Miriam's Way
Carol Ochs

Exodus: My Spiritual Map by Carol Ochs
Carol Ochs


Women Transformed: 
The Ending of Mark is the Beginning of Wisdom
Marie Sabin

Endangered Reading:
The African-American Scholar Between Text and People
Stephen Breck Reid

Wheat in Eden, Computers in Our Day
Arthur Waskow