Fall 2006

Catherine Madsen


God and Social Change
Julius Lester

The Subtle Violence of Nonviolent Language
Chapman Flack

Christian Rhetoric:
Scraps for a Manifesto
Mark D. Jordan

Meeting Her Maker:
Emily Dickinson's God

Jay Ladin

Speaking Truth and Seeking Justice
Timothy Leonard

Islam and the Cultural Imperative 
Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

Revelation and Revolution 
Regina Schwartz

Islam and America: Poetic Connections
Eboo Patel

Revising Night:
Elie Wiesel and the Hazards of Holocaust Theology 

Peter Manseau

Burning Words:
A History Play
Peter Wortsman

To Go Among the Saracens:
A Franciscan Composer's Journey into the House of Islam 

Scott Robinson

Shofar: An Oratorio
Catherine Madsen

Notes on Contributors

On the Cover: Ellen Wiener, Globe and Curtain, Compline. 5" x 7", oil on panel, 2003.

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Source: Fall 2006, Vol. 56,  No 3.