Fall, 2004



A Durable Fire
by Catherine Madsen


Sex and Mysticism
by Ignacio L. Götz

Sex and the Sacred
by Daniel C. Maguire

Jesus in Gender Trouble
by Halvor Moxnes

Dissecting the Lamb of God:
The Other Devastation of Clergy Sexual Abuse

by Mikele Rauch

Female Sexuality Today: Challenging Cultural Repression
by Robert T. Francoeur, Raymond J. Noonan,
Beldina Opiyo-Omolo, and Jakob Pastoetter

What's Love Got to Do?
(& other stories of black women's sexuality)
by Stephanie Y. Mitchem

Heroic Heretical Heterosexuality
by Jeffrey J. Kripal

The Great Work Begins:
Theater as Theurgy in "Angels in America"

by Anthony Lioi

After the Fall
by Molly Rachamim


Running Out the Clock
by Alicia Ostriker

From Song of Songs (8 sessions with Dr. Solomon)
Jay Ladin

Notes on Contributors

On the Cover: Sarah E. Thompson, "Nude" (2003) 11" x 15" watercolor.
Used by permission.

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Source: CrossCurrents, Fall 2004, Vol. 54,  No 3.